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The following pages describe the various fees (depending on your project), and also describe how we charge. Please also be sure to read through the refund policy as well.

MSB Friendly Bank Charges (Access to Banking)

Charges for providing access to either direct banking or indirect (pseudo) banking services and payment rails. This is what we would charge you for consulting, brokering &/or finding you a bank to work with.

Money Transfer License, Money Transmitter License, Bank Sponsorship Coverage & Sponsorship Consulting Fees

Consulting rates for getting the necessary regulatory coverage in specific territories. This is what we would charge you for consulting, brokering &/or finding you a principal license holder to work with.

Bank Sponsorship, Regulatory License Coverage Financials

Regulatory Coverage for Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs) in the United States. This is what the financial institutions would charge you (approximately)! This is not our consulting fees.

Consulting Rates

Non-referral based consulting is provided. Here is a menu of consulting options you can hire us, from a single hour to long term.

US Company Formation & Bank Account Setup Financials

Pricing information on US Company Formation (C-Corp or LLC) along with information on establishing a US Business Bank Account.

How Do We Charge?

Commercial Services offered on this website, like specialized referral services, do not come under the umbrella of the consulting rates. Learn how we charge clients.

Refund Policy

All consulting / referral fees payments made to us, are subjected to the following Refund Policy.

Application Assessment Fees

Learn about the non-refundable / pre-paid application assessment fees.

Draft Referral Agreement

To access the latest copy of our draft referral agreement.

Terms & Conditions

Learn about the applicable terms & conditions.

Your Personal KYC Information

Want to do business with us? Learn why we make it mandatory for you to provide your personal KYC information.

Prohibited Products & Services List

Please refer to the prohibited list of products & services that we do not entertain.

Why we do NOT Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We have a policy not to sign an NDA. Why? We offer a detailed explanation for not doing so here.

List of Sanctioned & Restricted Countries

List of Sanctioned, Restricted, and Monitored Countries is here.

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