Why We Do Not Sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

We don’t typically sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with potential customers. We know that some people might ask us to sign one before sharing information, but the truth is, it’s just not practical for us. 

It would be really hard for us to keep track of and follow all the NDAs we would have to sign if we agreed to everyone’s request. Plus, the information we receive is often shared with other financial institutions, and an NDA would make that more difficult. 

Also, implementing and following an NDA would take up a lot of our time and resources, including separating and training our team on confidential information and dealing with legal issues related to jurisdiction. Additionally, the requirement to delete information as outlined in an NDA is not feasible given current digital storage and data retention laws. 

We know that not signing an NDA might not work for some people, but we hope that by understanding our reasons, you’ll see why it’s just not possible for us. Our goal is to find the best solution for you, and we kindly request you to reconsider your stance on the requirement for an NDA. 

This page was last updated on January 17, 2023.

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