At Faisal Khan & Co. we are always on the lookout for talented and self-motivated individuals. We are a 100% remote company and all our positions allow you to work wherever you are. Please watch the videos below for a brief explanation of the positions we are hiring for and apply if you think that this is something you can do.


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Pre-Sales Specialist

We are looking at expanding our sales team and are looking to hire. First and foremost, we hire women. There are many reasons for this, but as a company philosophy, we’ve felt that hiring women is perhaps the best thing that ever happened to our company. So here are six factors to consider with us:

  1. We are a 100% work-from-home (remote) company.
  2. We do NOT work on weekends.
  3. We work 6-7 hours a day.
  4. We do not have a fixed policy on how many days off you can take. That is up to you. As long as someone else makes up for your work and you don’t abuse the privilege, we are okay with it.
  5. We train (on the tools and a bit about our business) on the job.
  6. We believe in working smarter, not harder. We don’t micromanage. We are results-driven. Simple. We 100% believe in work-life balance.

So what are we looking for:

We are looking for Pre-Sales / Inbound Sales Specialists who are slightly tech-savvy and may have an interest in the banking, payments, and finance world. We are looking for confident women (a college degree is NOT necessary) in the following regions:

  1. South America Specialist (be able to speak Spanish, Portuguese will be a plus). You must be residing in Latin America.
  2. Africa Specialist, be based either in Nigeria or Kenya, must be well aware of the Sub-Sahara Africa region.
  3. China Specialist: Must be a native Chinese based in China. Should be well versed with AliPay, Wechat Pay, the banks and card schemes in China and HK.
  4. Arab Countries Specialist: Must be fluent in Arabic. Be knowledgeable about the banks and payment schemes in various Arab speaking countries. Candidates from Egypt or Jordan preferred.
  5. Euro Specialist: Looking for someone who knows the Eurozone or European Economic Area well. Must be an EU citizen and should be trilingual (preferred), English, native language and one other European language would be excellent. Candidates from Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland welcome.
  6. Caucasus & Balkan Specialist: Someone who is a native resident of the Caucuses states or the Balkan States and is well aware of the regions from a banking and payments point of view.

If you are from these countries and think you meet the criteria above, apply using the form below and provide us with your LinkedIn URL.

We are super excited to increase our team size and work with more wonderful people from around the globe.

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If you’re interested in working with us, apply using this form and let’s get started.

This page was last updated on September 15, 2022.

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