What is the rate for your services?

The full spectrum of our rates can be found at https://faisalkhan.com/fees and also below in the Quote section of the proposal.

There are TWO types of Fee:

(i) Fee paid to our company (Faisal Khan & Co. ) as referral fees, which is listed in this page: https://faisalkhan.com/money-transfer-operator-license-coverage-consulting-fees/

(ii) Fees (suggested) paid to the Solution Provider / Principal License Holder can be seen at: https://faisalkhan.com/pricing/what-financial-institutions-will-charge-you-for-usa-regulatory-coverage/

How “we” charge can be read at: https://faisalkhan.com/how-do-we-charge-our-fees-for-commercial-services/

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This page was last updated on February 6, 2023.

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