How to find a Crypto Friendly Bank?

Crypto Friendly Bank – How to go about finding one?

Did you already have a crypto business bank account that your bank closed? Or were you denied access to banking completely? In either of these cases, your crypto business is at risk. If you do not find a crypto friendly bank soon enough, you might be forced to shut your business.

As a cryptocurrency business owner, a lack of access to banking is the biggest hurdle on your way to success. You might have come across banks who agreed to bank your crypto business initially, but soon after, your account was closed without proper explanation.

Why are you Denied Banking?

Banks see virtual currencies as a disruptor in the financial industry. In the early days of digital currency, the crypto businesses were labeled as high risk. However, sticking to the same perception today is unfair. All over the world, regulations with respect to crypto have been tightened, new licensing requirements have been introduced, and all crypto businesses are now required to comply with strict securities and banking laws.

Though it is not illegal to provide banking services to crypto business, the crypto compliance programs, and risk measures are something that the banks do not want to invest in. Additionally, uncertain regulations and money laundering risks are some of the reasons banks hesitate to provide bank accounts to crypto businesses, making it extremely hard for your business to survive.

Crypto Businesses CAN get Access to Banking

Not all banks deny cryptos. There are crypto friendly bank who understand cryptocurrencies and how they work. They are aware of the compliance procedures and licensing requirements and are ready to provide you with business bank accounts. AND we have these banks on our network!

We work a wide network of banks who understand crypto businesses very well and are aware of their business needs. Our partner banks:

  • Are reliable
  • Will relieve you of the fear of closure of your accounts soon after opening them
  • Will support your crypto business so that you don’t go out of business due to lack of access to banking

Our Wide Network of Crypto Friendly Banks Can Help You

Your crypto business can now get access to banking. We have a wide network of crypto friendly banks who understand cryptocurrencies and will offer you complete banking services for your crypto business.

Get in touch with us now and apply for your crypto business bank account.

This page was last updated on July 4, 2023.

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