How to start a money transfer business?

How to start a money transfer business: Video Series

A good starting point is understanding the business and some of the brief nuances, terminologies, and lingua franca of the money transfer business. 

I humbly suggest you start here: How to Start a Money Transfer Business (Video explainer series). I specifically spent a lot of time putting these up so that you can learn quickly (each video is typically between 3-5 minutes), and once you have gone through the series, many of your pending questions are also answered. 

The video series can be found at: How to Start a Money Transfer Business

Quite a few people ask me “Why do I have to watch the entire series?” the answer is simple. My time and your time and the equation of sanity and patience. You will keep asking me newbie questions, and I will keep answering those. I would be out of business if I did this with every caller. 

The easy way out? Watch the videos, and then we can speak after that. 

This page was last updated on June 5, 2023.

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