Revenue Modeling Sheet for Remittances

In order to help you better understand how to model your customer’s revenue, we prepared two spreadsheets. These Google Sheets you can open (duplicate and save on your own computer), and play around with them.

Financial Modeling for the Money Transfer Business

Here is a brief explainer video that explains why the two spreadsheets were made:

Revenue Modeling Google Sheet for Remittances – Simplex and Complex

This is a walk-through of the two spreadsheets for users who would like to get a basic lay of the land of what went through when developing this spreadsheet.

Revenue Modeling Spreadsheet for Remittances

Important Notice

Please note, these spreadsheets were made for generic modeling. They do not adhere to any specific program or any specific offering. There simply represent a starting point for those struggling with how to model a remittance business.

We are not responsible for any errors &/or omissions in the spreadsheets. Please use at your own risk.

The Two spreadsheets can be accessed from the links below:

Please simply duplicate the spreadsheet and save it on your own computer. You can then play with it as you like. There are no copyrights on these documents. edit, modify and share at will.

Simplex Version (View Only)

Complex Version (View Only)

This page was last updated on April 21, 2023.

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