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Applying for a New SPI UK License

Faisal Khan LLC - Applying for a New SPI UK License

In the wake of Brexit, one cannot simply passport an EU license to the United Kingdom and vice versa. Any payment institution that wishes to operate in the UK has to apply for a UK-specific API (Authorized Payment Institution) or…

Small Payment Institution (SPI)

Faisal Khan LLC - Small Payment Institution (SPI)

The Small Payment Institution (SPI) license is required to offer payment services in the UK and the EU. This license is also referred to as the registered license, as opposed to the authorized license; also called the Authorized Payment Institution(API).…

Access to US Money Transfer Market

Faisal Khan LLC - Access to US Money Transfer Market

USA Money Transfer Market The US Money Transfer Market is one of the largest in the world, and perhaps equally coveted. In 2014, the United States sent US$ 130+ Billion worth of remittances to over 100+ countries. Gaining access to…