How to Start a Money Transfer Business – Video Series

I have written quite a lot about how to start a money transfer business; discussing the various options and trying to explain the intricacies involved in the whole process of setting up a remittance business. From blog posts to answering thousands of questions on Quora, I have covered almost everything that may come to your mind as someone who wants to begin an MSB business anywhere in the world.

However, I find that when it comes to learning, people are more receptive to the physical presence of the teacher. Since that would be quite difficult, if not impossible, for me to manage, I decided to do the next best thing: A video series on how to start a money transfer business. 

I have always cited YouTube as accelerated learning. It is after all the second biggest search engine after Google. There is nothing you cannot learn from YouTube.

My hope is that this series will help you better understand what is required to start a money transfer business so you do not end up wasting thousands of dollars on acquiring licenses or buying software that you might not even need. 

The money transfer business is a fiercely competitive industry and stepping into it will not only require a thorough understanding of the markets you wish to cater to but also the willingness to go above and beyond the traditional methods of doing business.

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This page was last updated on September 1, 2022.