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US Money Transmitter License

Information on US Money Transmitter License

The United States Money Transmitter Licenses are one of the most coveted licenses that there are in the world. They are also expensive and take a long time to obtain all the licenses for all the states in order to have nationwide coverage.

Whether you are a domestic fintech startup, a money transfer startup, and incumbent money transfer/payments company from outside of the US, or a plain vanilla payments company that comes under the umbrella of a money transmitter, we can help.

  • Bank Led Sponsorship, have a licensed institute, i.e. any one of these below can sponsor your project under their own licensing umbrella.
    • a federally chartered bank
    • a state-chartered bank
    • a credit union
    • a community bank
  • Principal License Holder Led Sponsorship, being sponsored by a Money Services Business that has the requisite money transmitter licenses where you seeking licensure coverage.
  • Agent, becoming an authorized delegate of an existing money transmitter license holder or of a bank (albeit, becoming an agent of a bank is extremely difficult).
  • Program Manager, working with an entity, who is a program manager, i.e. they have already done all the integrations, etc. with the usually more than one licensed financial institution and are able to offer you either an aggregate API with all the necessary KYC, AML, technology stack, etc. In some cases, the bank or the license holder themselves are often referred to as the program manager.
  • Apply For Your Own Licenses, state by state filing for a license application, a time-consuming and expensive proposition, but nonetheless always an option if you have the money and patience for it.

Detailed Information On US Money Transmitter Licenses

Money Transmitter License Information For The Major US States

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