Fee Details for EMI License Lithuania

Proposed Hourly Rates

  • Our discounted blended hourly rate is € 350

Other Costs

  • Fees quoted are exclusive of VAT (if applicable), out-of-pocket expenses (such as translation, notary/registry fees, and similar expenses), and standard office charge of 10% of the invoiced amount
  • If any additional services are required, we would render them for the blended hourly rate above

Fee Estimates:

Based on our previous experience, the fee estimates for the legal services indicated in the previous section are as follows:

  • Licensing application and annexes: Licensing Annexes are filled in by us based on the Client’s policies and procedures and our previous practice with the Bank of Lithuania and reviewed by the Client: € 45,000 – 65,000
  • Incorporation and registration of the company: € 5,000;
  • Investor clearance to national security interests: € 4,500;
  • Key manager questionnaires and supporting documents: € 8,000 in aggregate;
  • Qualifying holder questionnaire and supporting documents: € 2,500 per one Qualifying Holder questionnaire;
  • Assistance with the first round of comments: € 10,000;
  • Assistance with the second round of comments: € 8,000;
  • Assistance with the third round of comments: € 6,000.

Billing Policy

  • We will send detailed statements of fees and costs incurred monthly and we expect our clients to settle invoices within three business days
  • Legal services will be provided under the General Terms and Conditions of Legal Services as provided by our partner law firm.

This page was last updated on June 5, 2023.

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