The Plague of Pathetic Customer Support in Payment Companies


Let’s cut the crap. Dealing with payment companies like Payoneer, Wise (formerly TransferWise), Revolut, and others is a nightmare because their customer support is downright abysmal. These companies love to parade their Trustpilot ratings and other meaningless metrics as proof of their so-called excellent service. But these ratings only reflect the easiest, most mundane inquiries. When users face more complex, compliance-related issues, it’s a whole different story— a horror story!

The Illusion of Good Customer Support

Those glowing reviews you see? Don’t be fooled. They’re based on trivial issues like resetting a PIN, activating a debit card, or reporting a lost card. When it comes to resolving serious problems, these companies are completely useless. The real test of customer support isn’t handling simple queries—it’s how they manage complex, high-stakes situations. Spoiler alert: they fail miserably.

The Compliance Nightmare

Imagine your transaction gets flagged or held up due to compliance reasons. You quickly submit the requested documentation, expecting a quick resolution. Think again. The nightmare is just beginning. I’ve tested multiple companies, and their support systems are consistently and catastrophically inefficient.

For example, when I deliberately included flagging elements in transactions to test response times, it took days—sometimes weeks—to get a reply. If you need a transaction reversed, brace yourself for an excruciating ordeal, especially with Wise and Payoneer. You’ll be waiting for three to six weeks, all while your money is held hostage.

It’s a systemic issue. Their support teams are slow, unresponsive, and often clueless about how to handle anything beyond the basics. It’s like they’re reading from a script and have no real understanding of the issues at hand.

Payoneer: The Pinnacle of Poor Service

Payoneer is the epitome of terrible service. I would rather have a week-long bout of food poisoning than deal with their support team. Mercury, another so-called “reputable” company, is equally painful when a compliance issue arises. Revolut is no better, dragging their feet whenever transactions are flagged. The delays are not just inconvenient—they’re infuriating. Imagine waiting for a week just to get a confirmation that your case is being reviewed, let alone resolved.

Communication Breakdown

Here’s the ugly truth: when a transaction is flagged, it should be addressed immediately. Instead, it takes days or even weeks to get the first notification. By the time a resolution is in sight, you’ve already lost weeks of your life.

This isn’t just an inconvenience—it’s a systemic failure. These companies are fundamentally broken in how they handle customer interactions. Their support teams repeatedly ask the same questions, indicating they haven’t even bothered to read the case. This incompetence leads to more delays and even more frustration.

It’s as if these companies don’t care about their customers. They hide behind automated responses and poorly trained staff, leaving users stranded with no real help in sight. It’s a complete breakdown of the basic principles of customer service.

The Cost of Abysmal Customer Service

These companies need a wake-up call. Good customer support isn’t about flashy features, low rates, or a slick user interface. It’s about resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Bad customer service destroys a company’s reputation, while good service builds loyalty and trust.

These companies should stop hiring underqualified, clueless staff. Invest in intelligent, well-trained support agents who can actually solve problems. Anything less is unacceptable. They should understand that customer support is the frontline of their business, and having incompetent people in those positions is a recipe for disaster.


The pathetic state of customer support in companies like Payoneer, Wise, Revolut, and Mercury is a disgrace. These companies must overhaul their support systems and put customer satisfaction first. It’s not about real-time payments, low rates, or an easy sign-up process—it’s about making sure that when problems arise, customers get prompt, effective support. Anything less is a joke, and these companies deserve every bit of criticism they get.

Until these companies get their act together, users will continue to suffer through their incompetence. It’s high time these firms start prioritizing customer service over everything else. After all, what’s the point of having a great product if your customers are left in the lurch when something goes wrong?

This page was last updated on May 20, 2024.