Scope of Legal Services for EMI License UK

We can certainly help you acquire an EMI license in the UK. We can assist you with:

  • Authorisation of your application – we will help you with all the documentation that is required to apply for an EMI license in the UK, and will file an application on your behalf.
  • Ongoing Compliance outsources – with our compliance services, we will make sure that your business is compliant, and fulfills all regulatory requirements outlined by the FCA.
  • FCA Accounting & Report – we will handle all accounting and reporting as required by the FCA.
  • External and Internal AML Audit Report – our compliance solutions will help you with finalizing external and internal AML audit reports that can be submitted to the FCA.
  • EU Passporting & Branch set up
  • Advising you on the key issues your firm will likely face before, during and after the application process 
  • Reviewing your current state of readiness and will show you the areas that need attention or action prior to submission application to FCA.
  • Evaluating how ready and prepared your third-party agents and Passport-holders are, and how compliant and knowledgeable they are, and we will then tell you what needs to be done by them, and you as the principal license holders.

This page was last updated on May 30, 2023.

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