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Working in the financial services industry mandates that you get licensed by the appropriate financial regulator in your designated territory.

Understanding and navigating the confusing labyrinth of licensing can be extremely overwhelming. My goal is to simply this for you and present it to you in plain English. 

Please do note, all information provided herewith is my personal interpretation of the law and regulations. I am not a lawyer. 

Please review the appropriate section below for your financial services licensing needs. 

Please also note these sub-pages which are important, regardless of which licensing avenue you pursue:

US Money Transmitter License

Information related to the multi-state US Money Transmitter Licenses for Money Services Businesses. 

UK, EU: SPI, API and EMI License

Information related to SPI (Small Payments Institution), API (Authorized Payment Institution) and EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licensing and coverage. 

License Regulatory Coverage

Understanding licensing coverage. How to approach the subject? what it entails? how to get the requisite regulatory cover from an existing license holder?

Canada Money Transfer License

Information pertaining to obtaining a license in Canada.

Other / To Read Further

Miscellaneous information about licenses in other territories as well as worldwide, single API license exposure. Also includes relevant information on understand the licensing regime better overall. 

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